Rhythm and Symmetry

The Taos Historic District possess a certain rhythm as it is a commercial space of aligned and similar buildings, but that rhythm can be broken up by buildings that are entirely different too, as it is on the south side of the main plaza where the La Fonda and the Taos Theater building burst into the sky in a rhythm of non-perfectly-symmetrical massing.

La Loma Plaza is nearly unrecognizable in its proportions and rhythm because of all the additions and new constructions that were allowed into the central open courtyard over time. (Let's hope that doesn't happen elsewhere.)

Symmetry appears to be most important on public buildings and the older churches in Taos. Even on the main plaza, buildings may have doors centered or open on a side, and windows are placed where they are most needed, though most commonly in a symmetrical way. Portal colonnades are usually symmetrical.