Roof Shapes

There are two predominant roof shapes in Taos. Flat - from the historic pueblo and Spanish settlerment, and peaked - which evolved in the Territorial period when shingle and metal roofs became available.

The flat roofs are actually not flat, but pitch at a minimum of 1/8" per foot (the same minimum pitch for a green roof installation). Peaked roofs are of "mid-pitch," usually with slopes between 1":12" to 1":1.5" rise to run.
The peaked roof was much more common after the late-19th century in and around Taos, (once metal roofs became available it was easier to use a pitched roof to address snowfall, rather than shoveling the roof which is required for flat roofs). In this, an entirely new style of architecture was born - a modern version of Territorial revival with simplified details on adobe now called the Northern New Mexico style.