Great places in Taos: the corner of Teresina and Scheurich

At the northwest corner of Taos' Plaza, a broad alley leads a couple hundred feet north to the corner of Teresina and Scheurich Lane. This corner is one of the most interesting places in Taos. Here's why:
The building on the west, now home to the incomparable Twirl toystore (with its epic playground  of all playgrounds) was the former home of Teresina Scheurich, matriarch of both street's names, and daughter of the infamous Governor Bent. At the age of 6, upon her father's death, Teresina moved in to the home of and was raised by Kit Carson and his wife. She later became somewhat of a Taos icon while living in the home, which still boasts the original Taos Plaza's last remaining walls. The second floor and near-eastern details were added in the 1990s, forever changing the face of this old Taos home. However, the architecture, natural light, and extensive detailing completed by Taos' illustrious Tom Worrell weave an incredible tale of inspiration for architects and visitors. (Especially Asian and Indian visitors who seek out its unusual temple-front facade which was forged of elements brought from their own lands to Taos.) Be sure to visit ALL of the toystore, including the bathroom, upstairs and outside. It is truly an incredible and inspiring place!

To the north, is Taos' own Alley Cantina, also with ancient walls nearly 3 feet thick. It has a very special interior courtyard enclosed with an unusual skylit roof. There are only two such structures in Taos (here and at the Taos Inn) and this one is the largest.