Rachel's Ultimate Taos Architecture Tour

So as the gal who most recently updated the Historic Cultural Properties Inventories of the 200+ structures listed in the Taos Historic District, and a resident of the district for many years, I've had a LOT of time on the ground around Taos. Time enough to have fallen in love with some of the things that most people miss about our fair little town. Since the current walking tours are really based on historic sites, they don't address our coolest architectural treasures. So I thought it was time to remedy that, and share some of the best little secrets of Taos with our fans and readers.

I'm basing this walking tour on the Taos Blue Trail, since that's what I see as the best current resource for visitors. Click HERE for that map

I will not be covering any of the sites listed on the Blue Trail, unless I have something to add about something you should look out for at or around the place.

I'll be posting this list as a guide, with each site linked separately so it's easier to read on mobile devices. It's my hope that someday we'll get enough money to make this an app.

But til then, here we go!!!

     My Best of Taos Architecture Tour Street by Street Guide                                           

          Taos Plaza

          Heading West on Don Fernando to Padre Martinez Lane


          Diverging from the Trail - Heading East to Kit Carson

          Kit Carson Road and Des Georges Lane

          Paseo del Pueblo Norte

          Bent Street, the John Dunn Shops, and Scheurich/Teresina Lane

          Extended Tours: Outliers