Flowing Soft Edges

It is difficult to say what may be the single most important feature of Taos' non-style-based architectural language. If there is one detail that comes out above the rest, it may well be soft flowing edges.
The desert has a way of reducing a line from something prefect to something sinuous. Our friend the line will ALWAYS succumb to the hot western winds of summer and the cold northern winds of winter, and the scorching sun... to be transformed. Early designers here knew that, and in fact, embraced it, creating an architecture that has goes with the flow. Here are some of our favorite examples.

First, from the Pueblo...
Then, From Ranchos Church
Then, from the Historic District...

And sending a little shout-out to our friends at the Taos Opera Institute and the exquisite Dome Home on the Mesa.

Finally, from the old Harwood, juxtaposed to the hard edges of its new addition.