Taos' Best Architecture Series: The Love Apple

I LOVE the Love Apple (Pomme d'Amor) on Paseo Norte - it is an architectural triple threat - it has great historic architecture, it was formerly a small chapel so the sense of sacredness pulses through the space, AND they have one of the best menus in Taos, featuring delicious and inspired food in the locavore tradition. The building is a nineteenth century stuccoed adobe chapel, with high ceilings, exposed vigas (ceiling beams), sweet details like niches, and even an altar or two. It is a great, relatively intact, example of a Spanish-Colonial influenced sacred space.

For architectural photographers, its heavenly. (punny!)

The "steeple," if you can call it that, seems as if it is balanced precariously on the building. Rest assured though, it is happy where it is, though the cross atop, maybe not so much... If you visit in the late spring thru the fall, there is a dining patio out front where you can enjoy the historic architecture. Be SURE to go inside though because the interior is fabulous!

The shutters and ladders, textures and intact dais that is set up for a large group... everything that is great about architecture and food comes together in a sacred way here.

We highly recommend a visit next time you are on the north side of town. Just remember to bring cash, because they don't take cards, and an appetite for good food in a fabulous spot. The Love Apple is open for dinner Tuesday-Sunday at 5PM.